While stainless steel guns didn't exist at the time of World War I, Springfield Armory has made the stainless G.I. .45 1911 pistol for those who want a bit of history, but also need protection against corrosion.

The stainless G.I. 1911 has all of the features of the traditional G.I. models. It has the flat grip safety, just like the pistols issued in WWI. The trigger is solid rather than skeletonized, and breaks crisply at 5 to 6 pounds of pull. The slide has rear serrations only, and the serrations are vertical rather than angled, just as were the serrations on the original G.I. models.

The hammer is a spur type, which differs from the original G.I. models by having serrations on the top of the hammer, rather than a smooth top as found on the WWI models.

The sights are authentic G.I. style, with a low thin notch sight at the rear and a low rounded blade at the front.

The stainless model has a cast finish to the rounded parts of the pistol such as the slide top, slide "hood", trigger guard and front strap, while the flat faces of the pistol are polished. This gives it a subtle two-tone look that's attractive but still retains the G.I. look. The looks of the pistol are further enhanced with the U.S.-stamped wooden grips.

If you want a bit of WWI and WWII nostalgia in a pistol, but need protection from rust and corrosion, the stanless G.I. 1911 is for you.


Model number: PW9151LP
Model: GI .45 Model 5", Stainless Steel 
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel: 5.01"
Sights: Old GI Style
Sight Radius: 6.25"  
Weight, length: 36 ozs., 8.5" overall length
Trigger Pull: 5 to 6 lbs.
Magazines: 1

Every Springfield Armory 1911 pistol is equipped with a trigger locking device. A key inserted into a hole in the rear grip strap positively locks the trigger, making it impossible for a child to accidentally discharge the gun. This system gives you a choice as to whether or not you need to lock your gun. Unlike trigger locks on other brands of guns, the keyhole is small, so that it doesn't ruin the looks of the gun.

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Write A Review Of The Springfield Armory Stainless G.I. 1911

 : Five out of five stars
By Kyle, Yukon, OK
June 28, 2014
Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I had purchased one of these back in 2009 and in 2011 I had to part ways with it and for years I regretted it. Well I did some searching and kept my eye open over the years and finally June 2014 I came across one in supreme condition at a pawn shop. I immediately bought it. I've been the happiest man ever since. By far one of my favorite firearms."

 : Five out of five stars
By Javier Garcia, Sanjuan, TX
August 22, 2013
Primary use: Target Shooting

"I have had my 45 for over 6 years I have shot hundreds of reloads and I'm very pleased with it this is my third Springfield and its the one I shoot more"

 : Five out of five stars
Rick, Indianapolis, IN
February 23, 2013
Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"This is a very nice pistol. It is very accurate at the range. Very good value for the investment. The only negative is that the site is a little hard to see in low light conditions. I purchased a nice white nail polish and painted the front site. It is much better identified now that it is white. Keep making a great weapon."

 : Four out of five stars
snap shot, PA
January 25, 2012
Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"It's my first 45,and I'm pleased with it. But, I'd like to have the adjustable rear sights. For the money it's a great buy. "

 : Four out of five stars
Antonio, Albuquerque, NM
November 28, 2011
Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"Definitely a gun you can rely on right out of the box. It's a true work horse, but i did have the trigger worked on and now it's my ccw."

 : Three out of five stars
September 28, 2011
Primary use: Target Shooting

"A little heavy fully loaded and not accurate as i like my handguns."

rating four stars out of five : Four out of five stars
John Kuehn, Miami, FL
March 21, 2011
Primary use: Target Shooting

"I've had some "replica" guns over the years that were cheap junk. They might have looked real but they weren't good guns. This Springfield G.I. model is about as real as you can get. It's also a great shooting gun! I would have liked the parkerized model, but down here in FL guns can rust pretty quick. The only complaint I have about the gun is that the trigger felt gritty when I got it. That went away after a few hundred rounds."

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