Springfield Armory GI Hi-cap 1911 pistol, product photo

The Springfield Armory GI Hi-Cap 1911 is a blend of old and new. It has the feel of the G.I. pistols of World War One and World War Two, but with a magazine capacity of 13 rounds for the kind of firepower many GI's wished they'd had.

It's a full size 1911, but with a slightly wider frame to accomodate a double-stack 13 round magazine. The frame and slide are forged steel, with a parkerized finish that's tougher than anodized. The 5" steel barrel is oxidized as well.

Unlike other G.I. models, the Hi-Cap has black polymer grips instead of wood. It has the same spur hammer, as well as the flat style grip safety.

The solid trigger is 100% GI-style, with a pull weight of 5-6 pounds. The magazine has a plastic extension to aid in reloading.

With all of these features, and a lifetime warranty, this is the pistol for anyone who wants extra firepower combined with a period look.


Model number: PW9701LP
Model: GI .45 5",
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 13+1
Barrel: 5"
Sights: Black polymer
Sight Radius: 6.25"
Weight, length: 40oz., 8.5" overall length
Trigger Pull: 5 to 6 lbs.
Magazines: 1

Every Springfield Armory 1911 pistol is equipped with a trigger locking device. A key inserted into a hole in the rear grip strap positively locks the trigger, making it impossible for a child to accidentally discharge the gun. This system gives you a choice as to whether or not you need to lock your gun. Unlike trigger locks on other brands of guns, the keyhole is small, so that it doesn't ruin the looks of the gun.

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Reviews of the Hi-Cap G.I. 1911:

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By rt, New Auburn, WI
October 29, 2014

Primary use: Target Shooting

"Just picked it up this week, was looking at a standard 1911, when i saw this in case, like full feel of grip, double stack i guess could come in handy, although in my past experience 1 or 2 hardballs was all that was needed, nice crisp trigger, added a small bit of white paint to front sight, easier for my "old" eyes to pickup in dim lighting...fired 50 rounds out of both mags, only had 1 hangup, i think it may need a little stiffer spring...my Marine son put it through some paces and now he wants one!"

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Kolin, Whitehall, NJ
June 14, 2014

Primary use: Target Shooting

"Bought this gun used for a song and a dance. Polished the trigger. It is real tight and dead accurate. Feeds any ammo, never jams. The weight keeps the sights on the target. It has the upgraded accessories from SA. It is a 1988 model. All my guns have polished feed ramps so I don't know if it ever had a jamming problem.Can't say enough about the hi cap. I'd buy a new one if they still made them. Well worth the $$$$"

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By William Castle, Clarksville, TN
May 19, 2013

Primary use: Target Shooting

"Great weapon, love it. Feeds all types of ammo with not one single problem. Wish I had another just like it."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By James, Roebuck, SC
October 7, 2012

Primary use: Defense/law enforcement

"Have enjoyed mine since purchase. No problems, shoots well and so far with all ammo. 500+ rounds and going strong. Good buy at a great price. Much better than the .45 I used in the Corps Viet Nam and stateside. Should have bought two!"

Overall Rating: review stars, 1 out of 5 possible stars 1 out of 5
By Nick, St. Paul, MN
October 7, 2012

Primary use: Target shooting

"Bought this gun brand new and have never had any luck with it getting to cycle without stove piping rounds or jamming on feeding. I had a armorer go through it and still jams on about the 3rd shot while feeding. I have tried many types of ammo but never have found it to make a difference. Trying to sell this weapon."

Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Teraplanez, Gonazales, LA
September 17, 2012

Primary use: Target shooting

"Mine has never failed to feed/extract. It shoots ANYTHING I load it with. I did polish the feed ramp myself but it worked fine before. The only reason I didn't give it 5 Stars is the overall craftsmanship. It is made in Brazil but so is Taurus and I own several fine Taurus Pistols and Revolvers. The pistol is a bit on the "LOOSE" side. I like "tight." Also, there is an area that is not "even." The slide has a bigger gap on one area on one side in relation to the frame. Overall, it is a VERY dependable, fine shooting, acurate (But HEAVY when fully loaded)out of the box 1911 .45 ACP Double-Stack. Well worth the $$$.."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Gunny, Roebuck, SC
July 4, 2012

Primary use: Defense/law enforcement

"Flawless performance with all types of rounds. Well made,sharp looking and i feel a great weapon. I would not hesitate to use this as a primary defense weapon."


Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 1 out of 5
By Don, Spooner, WI
August 16, 2011

Primary use: Target shooting

"I sent the pistol back three times for failure to feed. The feed ramp is designed for 230 gr round nose. JHP's get caught in the feed ramp."

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