The Springfield Armory GI Micro Compact 1911 isn't actually a replica of the WWI and WWII pistols, as 1911 pistols this small weren't produced until late in the 1990's. However, the Micro Compact is an excellent carry pistol that also has a nostalgic feel to it.

The Micro Compact G.I. has a 3" barrel and a framer that's smaller than an Officer's size frame, giving it a weight of just 33 ounces, and making it ideal for carry.

The frame and slide are forged steel, and are parkerized. The 3" bull barrel is fully supported and ramped, and is also parkerized. Parkerizing gives the pistol a finish that's much tougher than anodizing.

The reddish-brown hardwood grips are stamped "U.S.", and contrast attractively with the black parkerized pistol.

The sights on the pistol are original G.I. style, with a low profile notched rear sight and low rounded front sight blade.

The grip safety is flat, just like the old G.I. 1911's, as is the trigger. Trigger pull on the Micro Compact G.I. is five to six pounds, which is a good pull weight for a carry pistol.

The Micro Compact G.I. 1911 is a pistol with a lot of character, and one that can fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with a lifetime warranty that's good even if you're not the original purchaser.


GI .45 3" Micro Compact PW9801LP  
Caliber: .45 ACP  
Capacity: 6+1  
Barrel: 3" Fully supported and ramped barrel  
Sights: Low-profile military  
Sight Radius: 4.7"  
Size: 33 oz., 6.5" overall length  
Trigger Pull: 5 to 6 lbs.  
Magazines: 1 

Every Springfield Armory 1911 pistol is equipped with a trigger locking device. A key inserted into a hole in the rear grip strap positively locks the trigger, making it impossible for a child to accidentally discharge the gun. This system gives you a choice as to whether or not you need to lock your gun. Unlike trigger locks on other brands of guns, the keyhole is small, so that it doesn't ruin the looks of the gun.

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Springfield Armory G.I. Micro Compact 1911 Reviews:

Overall Rating: review stars, 3 out of 5 possible stars 3 out of 5
By Steve, West Valley City, UT
January 29, 2015

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I bought the Micro Compact new 8 years ago and sometimes had a problem with the slide not returning all the way it would hang up about 1/4" from the end.

The dealer gave me the same old song and dance that it needed breaking in. I put about 500 rds through it and still had the same issue. I guess that I just put it on the back burner and carried other weapons but I send it to Springfield armory they contacted me and informed me that it is a slide issue and needs a new one and it isn't made anymore.. They are offering a new Range officers Compact with a 4" barrel as a replacement I've decided to accept. We'll see how it goes..."

Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Walker, Fayetteville, NC
June 24, 2014

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I have the micro compact with the factory night sights, and tactical hammer. I've had no problems. Far better than the double stack ultra carry that even SA couldn't repair! It had to be replaced with a loaded SS. Great for concealed carry, and highly recommend hardball ammo. It will do the job without the guesswork."

Overall Rating: review stars, 3 out of 5 possible stars 3 out of 5
By Jhon, Elgin, IL
June 3, 2014

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"As an out of the box gun it is a three star deal. The grip safety digs into my meaty hand and there have been problems with stove pipes and jam ups on the ramp. I'm having a beaver tail installed and a few other upgrades to make it a solid CC weapon and thinking that a polished ramp will stop the hang ups there. I've only put about 500 rounds through it so far but that has been plenty to break in other guns that I've owned. This one seems that it is going to take a lot more to break in and from other reviews I've read this seems to be the case."

Overall Rating: review stars, 3 out of 5 possible stars 3 out of 5
By A Shooter, San Jose, CO
August 11, 2013

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I bought the Micro Compact when it first came out and after suffering through about 1500 rounds, with jamming and extraction problems, I finally gave up and sent it back to Springfield for repairs. Springfield did find repairs that were needed, made the repairs and returned the firearm to me. Unfortunately problems were still there, not as bad, but still there. I then sent the gun to a custom gunsmith for repairs. They found some issues that needed repair, did the repairs and returned the gun to me. Since the gun was returned to me I have fired about 2500 more rounds through it and have had no further problems. I guess the lasting impression from this experience with my Micro Compact is when I carry the gun I have this thought in my mind that if I need to use it I hope I won't have any failures and that is not a good impression to be left with, an certainly not an advertisement that Springfield wants for its products.

I also heard the statement "you need to break it in" and that is just a bunch of crap. In purchasing one of today's modern firearms there is no reason to have these problems and if they are there it's a failure in manufacturing and the QA program at the factory.

After dinging Springfield over the experience with my Micro Compact I also have to offer some praise on the XD 40 that I purchased. The XD 40 has been a pleasure to shoot and the only problem that I had with it was after about 18 to 20,000 rounds I needed to replace the guide rod and spring. Other than that no issues whatsoever and I do intend to purchase an XD 45."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Ole guy, Channing, TX
March 20, 2013

"Bought the little guy used and took it immediately to the range and it bit the 'hound out of my pudgy hand'. I got out my Brownells catalog and ordered the beaver tail grip safety and a wilson hammer and sear. The beaver tail needed to be fitted (I've donw this before with the two little wheels that fit the frame) and now this is one of my favorite shooters. I love this little guy."

Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By bigmacque, Spring Hill, FL
October 16, 2012

Primary use Defense, Law Enforcement

"Excellent and very tough little shooter that I carry often. I like that it's essentially a 1911 platform that can handle hollow points."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Robert, Gaffney, SC
October 14, 2012

Primary use Defense, Law Enforcement

"Feels great in the hand and control. Only draw back is the weight."

Overall Rating: review stars, 3 out of 5 possible stars 3 out of 5
By gadsden1775, Woodstock, CT
March 14, 2012

Primary use Defense, Law Enforcement

"I give it three stars because I do have stove pipe jams, not every time but enough that I would not use this firearms as a primary care weapon. My stove pipe jams seem to happen on the last round I have three factory mags. It does not matter what one I use. I have changed my ammo. I keep reading that I have to "break it in". Well my thoughts on that are, "I DID NOT HAVE TO BREAK MY GLOCK IN". I have had that for 15 years, and fired thousands of rounds with zero malfunctions. I do like the 1911 platform, but I think I should of bought the full size version."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Keith, Corinth, MS
March 1, 2012

Primary use Defense, Law Enforcement

"I love this pistol because it is small for a .45 ACP with a slightly thinner profile than a full size 1911. I have had some jams but I think it is getting better with use. The fully ramped barrel is slightly too angular at the point where the cartridge enters the chamber and will smooth out after approximately 500 rounds. I can hit 16 oz bottles of water with this little jewel at close to 40 feet. Not every time but not bad for a 3 inch barrel .45!"

Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Jimbo
December 4, 2011

Primary use: Target Shooting

"The one thing that I did not know until I got the gun home was that the frame was made in BRAZIL-INBEL. I bought a Springfield thinking MADE IN U.S.A. But its still a so damed BAD and COOL LOOKING, I don't mind it being a bastard and it don't JAM not one time that I have own it,(bought it new). I'm betting my life on it because it is made of steel and makes a hole as big as TEXAS!

Overall Rating: review stars, 4.5 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Mike, Salt Lake City, UT
April 4, 2011

Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I love the size and the weight. It feels good and really quality built. The price was good. Took it to the range today...(1st time). It jammed twice and stovepiped once. I put 60 rds through it and when I was done I went to the dealer and they told me I need to break it in with about 2-3 hundred rounds and keep it clean. I have no problem with that because I clean all my weapons every time I shoot them. So I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt because I really like the gun. Hopefully that's the case."

Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Simi, West Valley, UT
September 21, 2011

Primary use: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I bought the GI Micro Compact, and so far have only 1 complaint. It bit me a couple times at the range. I remember this problem back when I carried a 1911 in the Army, but just adjusted my grip. My other 1911's have the Commander style skeletonized hammers, and beavertail grip safety, but I like this weapon without if I can get past the bite. So far no malfunctions of any type, with a variety of ammo, both FMJ and JHP."

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