The Super Match M1A rifle is Springfield Armory's top of the line M14 style rifle. It's fitted with all of the features of the National Match model, but with the addition of a lugged rear receiver.

Like the National Match models, the Super Match has an oversized operating rod guide, air-gauged national match barrel, and many other extras. ("Air gauged" means that the barrel has been inspected for uniformity of barrel diameter from end to end, and falls within tighter tolerances than do standard barrels).

The stock on the Super Match is the maximum width allowed for service rifle competition, giving you a more solid platform for resting the fore end. This rifle is made for the really serious competitor, and it delivers.

The Super Match M1A utilizes the National Match sights, which some consider to be the best service rifle sights available. The rear sight has a hood surrounding the aperture to protect it from dings, and also to keep light from hitting the aperture and degrading the sight picture. The front sight is National Match as well, and has a .062" sight blade. (See photos)

National Match rear sight:   National Match front sight:
Springfield Armory M1A National Match rear sight with hooded aperture.   Springfield Armory M1A National Match front sight with "ears"


Caliber: 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win.)
Barrel: 22", Twist: 1 turn in 10 inches, right hand, Douglas Premium air-gauged custom heavy match (Optional Hart stainless steel or Krieger barrels available on special order)
Size Weight: Walnut 11.2 pounds, Fiberglass 11.8 pounds, Length: 44 1/3" long
Mechanism: Rotating bolt, gas operated, air cooled, semi-automatic magazine fed
Sights Front: National Match front blade .062
Rear: Match-grade hooded aperture with one-half minute adjustments for both windage and elevation. 26 3/4" sight radius
Capacity: 10 round box magazine
Trigger Pull: 4 1/2 lbs., two-stage military match trigger

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Springfield Armory Super Match M1A Rifle Reviews:

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By killshot, wildwood, MO
March 4, 2013

Primary use: Competition

"One of e best complete M-14 style match rifles for the money that has been around for more than 15 years. I am on my third one they all have shot better than my skill set can hold it. Shooting out to 600yards 168 match open sights DCM targets. Its what these guns were designed to do and sub MOA at 100yards on bench and match grade us ammo.......The heavy barrel and the double lug receiver what makes this package so accurate out of the box all three I have owned.....Battle and match proven since the 1960's American rifleman classic and life time warranty......"

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By ODAT86, Randolph, MA
September 13, 2012

Primary use: Target Shooting


Overall Rating: review stars, 4 out of 5 possible stars 4 out of 5
By Bill B, Sunapee, NH
March 28, 2011

Primary use: hunting

"With the correct bullet this is one fantastic weapon. Very reliable, you can drag it through the dirt, dust, and water and it will come up ready to shoot/fire every time! A tried and proven performer in the field of battle, or on the hunt for food. Perfect for short to mid-range targets, and even good for those who know how to reach out there about a 1/2 mile with the right scope."

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