"I sell a lot of knives on my Case web site. But I have to admit, I didn't think Gunshopfinder.com would work for firearms. Gunshopfinder.com has delivered excellent results for us, just like they said. I'm glad I was wrong.

We're always trying to bring in new customers. Even though we've been in business for over 40 years and have advertised in newspapers and on television, Gunshopfinder.com has brought us customers who had never heard of us. It's a new avenue for us, and we're happy about that."
Dave Cosner, Cosner's Gun & Knife, Bedford, IN

"What impressed me the most about Gunshopfinder.com was the number of new customers it brought me. I have a very loyal customer base, but like any retail store, the goal is always to bring in new business."
Jack Buttman, Butt's Gun Sales, Billings, MT

"Dick Baker created our website for us back in 2001, and it was one of the best things to happen to our business. We had people coming into the store who said they never even knew we were here until they saw us on the internet.

When Dick mentioned the Gunshopfinder.com site to me, it was a no-brainer. With advertising that inexpensive, all I need is one or two new customers a year and it's paid for itself. The rest is gravy."
Kevin Nugent, The Shooters Shop, Milwaukee, WI

"I've received an unbelievable number of contacts from Gunshopfinder.com, greatly exceeding my expectations."
Jerry Payne, Far West Gun & Supply, Santa Barbara, CA

"I've had a lot of people find me on Gunshopfinder.com. And I would recommend it. It's well worth the money."
Larry Roye, Pontotoc American Arms, Pontotoc, MS

"When we started our gun store, one of the first things we did was list our store on Gunshopfinder.com. We're really pleased with the results. We've had many customers tell us they found us on the site. We even had one customer who found us on the site, and drove three and a half hours to our store!"
Richard Wolf, D&L Guns LLC, Greenville, North Carolina



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