Wilson Combat produces what are widely regarded as the highest quality 1911-style pistols in the world. Wilson pistols use the best quality trigger groups for a crisp letoff and superb accuracy. Each model features 30 lpi checkeringWilson pistol on the frontstrap and mainspring housing. All edges are "melted" for comfort and a faster draw.

At each step in the process, Wilson pistols are inspected and re-inspected. At every stage, the fit and finish are refined. When it's assembled, the pistol is taken to the range to assure that it lives up to Wilson's guarantee of one-inch accuracy at 25 yards. Then it's inspected again before finally being placed in the distinctive royal blue Wilson Combat pistol rug.

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Please take a minute to click on the links below to view photos and specifications of these fine handguns.

Wilson Professional Model

Wilson CQB Series:

Wilson CQB

Wilson CQB w/Tac Light Rail

Wilson CQB Compact

Wilson Classic Two Tone

Wilson Classic Stainless

Wilson Protector Stainless

Wilson Protector Two Tone

Wilson SuperGrade Series:

Wilson Classic Supergrade

Wilson Tactical Supergrade

Wilson Tactical Supergrade Compact

Wilson Stealth

Wilson Tactical Elite

Wilson KZ Series:

Wilson KZ 45

Wilson KZ Adjustable Sight

Wilson KZ Compact

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