Wilson's Tactical Elite is the ultimate in defensive handguns that they offer. It was designed with only one thing in mind--rapid and effective response to a life-threatening situation. The Tactical Elite is a 1911, recognized as the premier defensive handgun, taken to the pinnacle of perfection. Each design feature was chosen to enhance response and performance. If you like Wilson's SDS pistol, but prefer a full-size package for even more control, the Tactical Elite is the pistol for you. Centered around the hand-fitted, stainless steel, heavy tapered cone barrel, the Tactical Elite delivers all the accuracy one could demand, combined with the rapid shot-to-shot recovery one would expect from a compensated pistol. But this pistol is not compensated! The hot gases from compensators can present a real hazard during a defensive situation and increase muzzle flash; the Tactical Elite's unported, maximum-weight barrel cannot. And it improves reliability and accuracy!

Nothing is left to chance on the Tactical Elite, as Wilson lavished attention and our premium accessories on it. Ambidextrous thumb safety, extended ejector, high-ride beavertail, ultralight hammer and trigger--they're all there, plus more. Because of the Tactical Elite's primary purpose--the saving of a life--details such as the fit of parts, polishing and throating of the barrel, beveling the magazine well, lowering and flaring the ejection port, and tuning of the extractor are critical, and Wilson's attention to them reflects just that. For the final touches on recoil control, the frontstrap is high cut, checkering applied to it and the flat mainspring housing, and then Wilson's top-shelf Cocobolo checkered wooden grips are installed. As benefits any defensive handgun, the Tactical Elite is completely dehorned, Tactical Combat sights are installed, and all carbon steel parts covered with Armor-Tuff. The highest performance self-defense pistol available--the elite of our elite--the Tactical Elite.

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